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        Application of Shanghai hot melt adhesive in cable and optical cable


        Shanghai hot melt adhesive can make the metal strip lap joint tightly, so that the peeling force of the metal strip lap seam far exceeds the standard 0.8N/mm index, and the hot melt adhesive can fill the gap at the lap joint. Fully blocked, immersed in water-repellent molecules. The metal strip coated hot melt adhesive is completed by a hot melt melter. The hot melt glue machine is mainly composed of a hot melt glue main machine, a heating pipe (also called a throat pipe), a spray gun, a nozzle, a spray magnetic valve and a pressure regulator.

        The hot melt machine can homogenize the hot melt into a liquid state and maintain it at a set constant temperature, and then extrude the liquid hot melt through a pump (gear pump or piston pump) and spray it through a heating pipe. A good hot melt machine heating tube can be set at a constant temperature to maintain a constant temperature of the hot melt in the heating tube to ensure good fluidity. The gun should also have the ability to maintain a set temperature. The shape of the nozzle affects the effect of the glue. The nozzle shape for cable production is suitable for slender shape. At present, most of the nozzles of imported hot melt machines are not designed for cable and cable production, so the cable factory can make a suitable nozzle for replacement. The nozzle is placed in a position close to the front of the longitudinal wrap that is about to be rolled into a cylindrical shape, and the optimum position can be determined experimentally. The principle is that the hot melt adhesive is suitable for application, and does not solidify when the metal strip is rolled into a cylindrical shape to affect the bonding effect.

        Pay attention to the production: Do not apply too much glue, so that the hot melt adhesive is extruded after the metal strip is formed. When the core enters the extruder head, it is glued into the core of the extruder to affect the operation of the extruder. Cable production does not require high performance for hot melt machines, and it is only required to provide a suitable constant temperature from the host to the nozzle. The main machine should also provide suitable pressure to continuously extrude the hot melt from the nozzle. The amount of glue should be kept constant without the use of a solenoid valve.

        At present, there are many manufacturers of hot melt adhesives, but due to the wide application range of hot melt adhesives, the properties of hot melt adhesives for different purposes are not completely the same, and the material composition thereof is also different. The cable industry should use hot melt adhesives with EVA and EMA (ethylene grafted maleic acid maleic acid copolymer) as the main component.